Writing I – Day 3 (Friday, Feb. 21)


I can correctly use conjunctive adverbs in my writing.

I can use ethos, pathos, and logos to persuade my audience.

Today’s Activities:

  • Bellwork: Journal
  • Advertisement:  Create an “advertisement” for a fictional product
    • Use ethos, pathos, or logos
    • You can advertise an product you want (as long as it is school appropriate)
    • Use at least two conjunctive adverbs in your advertisement.  Be sure to punctuate correctly!
    • Must include at least four sentences of text + a picture


  • Go over Conjunctive Adverb practice together
  • Mars Candy letter due at end of class
  • Students will use conjunctive adverbs in their persuasive letter revisions



  • Notes provided online
  • Teacher will check in with students as they work
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