Writing I – Day 2 (Wednesday, Mar. 5 / Thursday, Mar. 6)


I can identify clear and specific avenues for revision of my work.

I can revise my work, focusing on using research and persuasive techniques.

Today’s Activities:

  • Bellwork: Journal
  • Find a blank space on your paper.  Write “Revision Goals.”
    • Under “Revision Goals,” write 2 specific goals that you want to focus on in your revision.  Use one of these, or create your own:
      • Add better pathos
      • Add better logos
      • Add better ethos
      • Make my argument more clear
      • Add research (or add more research)
      • Cite my sources correctly
      • Make a better appeal to my audience
      • Add a quote (with a quote sandwich)
      • Add a solution
      • Prove that there is a problem
      • Say more about X idea (X = your idea)
      • Tell my audience what I want them to do
  • Begin revising


  • Teacher will monitor ongoing revisions


  • Student drafts w/ teacher comments


  • Teacher will check in with students as they work
  • Some students may be provided extended time to complete the revision
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