Writing I – Day 3 (Thursday, Feb. 27)


I can use information from another source as a point of support or debate for my own opinion.

I can correctly cite my source.

Today’s Activities:

  • Bellwork: Journal
  • Computers Don’t Belong in Classrooms
    • Read article
    • Underline 3 important/useful quotes
    • Summarize entire article
    • Write a paragraph agreeing with the article.  Use a quote from the article to support your argument.  Cite it properly.
    • Write a paragraph disagreeing with the article.  Use paraphrased or summarized information from the article and explain why you disagree with the writer.  Cite the information properly.


  • Article work due at end of class



  • Teacher will check in with students as they work
  • Some students may be provided extended time to complete the writing
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